OOH LA LA - OOH LA LA 23570 10 Poppy Apron Michal Designs Northcott

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Large red poppies with a French flair.  Words describing all things "Paris" and the surrounding area. Large image of the Eiffel Tower, large red butterflies, and bicycles. Finished apron measures about 22" across the bottom.  This fabric is sold as a panel and printed instructions are included.  You can hem around the outside edges or lining the apron makes it a little heftier.  SKU 23607 10 is an excellent choice for lining.  You will need 3/4 yd.  To line, simply use the apron image as a pattern and cut both fabrics at the same time.  Sew around the outside, leaving about a 2" opening to turn.  100% Cotton  43-45" wide.   Created by Michal Design Works

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